Call for Papers - Download CFP Flyer

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Automatic Control technology
Linear Systems and Control
Predictive Control 
Networked Control Systems 
Robust Control 
Guidance, Navigation and Control 
Discrete-Event Systems 
Emerging Technology 
Micor/Nano Systems 
Intelligent Control 
Nonlinear Systems and Control 
Hybrid Systems and Control 
Machine Vision and Visual Servoing 
Digital/Sampled-Data Control 
Power Electronics and Control 
Identification and Estimation 
Smart Material Actuator & Control 
Modeling and Simulations 
Neural Networks 
Autonomous/Intelligent Robots 
Stochastic Systems and Control 
Servo Control 
Industrial Applications 
Remote and Supervisory Control 
Variable Structure Control 
Vehicle Telematics and Control 
Quantum control and Computing 
Fuzzy Systems and Control

Track 2: Control Theory and applications
Adaptive control
Control theory
Digital control
Optimal control
Vision-based control
Model predictive control
Industrial Control Systems
Process Control
Distributed Control System
Multi-Sensor Control Systems (cameras, IMUs, laser range finders, etc. )
Motion control
Supervisory control (SCADA)
Closed-loop controller
PID controller
Programmable logic controller
Embedded controller
Vision-augmented controller
Exponential stability
Marginal stability
BIBO stability
Lyapunov stability (i.e., asymptotic stability)
Input-to-state (ISS) stability
Control ability
Performance evaluation
Negative feedback
Positive feedback